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Stay active, Stay positive, Stay healthy

Get the results you want

Whether you’re looking to get fit, want to lose a bit of weight or are training for a specific event, as a personal trainer I will help you reach your fitness goals with a programme tailored to you. 

Stay focused & motivated with a tailored fitness programme

Ideal for friends and family to work out & have fun together

Pad work, circuits, cardio, strength training – you name it, I do it! 

Use exercise to help manage diabetes, obesity & lower back pain

Specialist level 4 Personal Trainer

Supporting you to be the best you can

As a fully qualified personal trainer and a specialist in lower back pain, obesity and diabetes, I love nothing more than helping people live fitter and healthier lives. 

But where I am different from other personal trainers is that I am also a good listener.  

You might not think that’s an important attribute for a personal trainer, but training is as much mental as it is physical. This means you are only going to achieve your fitness goals if someone really understands what drives you as well as what scares you off! 

That’s why all my training programmes are tailored to you and your own goals. I also won’t force you to take part in exercises you are uncomfortable doing or yell at you unnecessarily.

If you think that approach sounds a bit too laid back to be successful, then just take a look at what some of my clients have to say

So, if you’re ready to start your fitness journey or would like to learn a bit more about my approach, get in touch today for an initial chat.

"If you are looking to stay positive, stay healthy and stay fit, then personal training
could be the ideal thing for you. I've already helped hundreds of people get fit and healthy and can't wait
to help you on your own fitness journey "

Jonathan Dexter, Founder – dextersfitness