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5 reasons to make 2023 the year you get a personal trainer

Personal trainer

It’s the New Year and we know what that means – time to make lots of resolutions about doing more exercise, eating better, learning a new skill, or spending less. Sadly, a whopping 43% of people give up their New Year’s Resolutions by February

So, if you’re planning any exercise related New Year’s Resolutions, my best piece of advice would be – get a personal trainer.

A personal trainer will work with you one-on-one to help come up with an exercise programme that works for you.  They will help you meet your fitness goals by providing expert advice on what you should be doing and then ensuring you do it in a safe and structured way. Personal trainers are a great choice both for beginners and for people who just want to push themselves further. 

Let’s look at the other reasons why getting a personal trainer is probably the best thing you could do if you really want to ensure your fitness resolutions last past February. 

1. Keep you motivated and focused

One of the main problems with New Year’s Resolutions is that unless you are really motivated, then it’s easy to make up excuses to not actually do them and it’s particular true for ones to do with exercise.  Maybe you feel exercise takes up too much time, maybe you don’t like the look of the weather – whatever the excuse you won’t be the first, and you won’t be the last to use it! 

Get a personal trainer to help keep you motivated

It’s one of the reasons why you should get a personal trainer in 2023. There is nothing that will encourage you to focus on your fitness goals more than when you have regular training slots booked and are accountable to someone else. Even better you’ll have someone to listen to you when you’re having a ‘don’t feel like exercise day’ while at the same time coaxing you to still do something.  

2. Ensure your fitness goals are realistic

Another reason why fitness related New Year’s Resolutions fail is because you simply set the bar too high. Yes, it’s great setting a goal of running a marathon in under 3 hours or doing 100 push-ups in under 2 minutes, but they need to take account of your current fitness levels, the time you have to dedicate to your fitness goals and also what you like doing. Planning to run a sub 3-hour marathon if you’ve never run before and don’t have time to dedicate to an intense running plan is ambitious to say the least! 

Decide on your 2023 fitness goals

A personal trainer will talk through your goals and make sure they are achievable given everything else going on in your life.  And, possibly more importantly, they will adjust your fitness targets as needed and keep you on track even when things don’t quite go to plan. 

3. Help you find exercises you actually like doing

Not everyone likes running, and not everyone likes lifting weights, so don’t feel you need to do an exercise just because everyone else is doing it. As I covered in my last blog about my fitness programmes, all my clients have different fitness goals as well as different things they like doing, so I am more than happy to work with you until we find what works best for you. 

Boxing for fitness

Maybe it’s CrossFit, maybe you’ll love boxing or maybe you want to do a bit of everything. Whatever you decide is absolutely fine. My goal is simply to work with you to find a personalised fitness programme that you love doing. As if you love doing it, you’re much more likely to stick to it. 

4. Make sure you start seeing results 

There is a saying that ‘if you keep doing the same things, you’ll end up getting the same results’ and it’s something that really applies to fitness. Yes, doing any kind of fitness is better than doing nothing, but many of my clients come to me because despite exercising consistently for weeks or months they don’t seem to be getting the results they want, whether that’s an improvement in performance, losing weight or building strength.  

To start seeing fitness results, get a personal trainer

I’ll take the time to evaluate your current programme and goals, make any tweaks necessary to make it more effective and will make sure you are really pushing yourself. Quite often when you don’t have a personal trainer by your side, it’s easy to think you are working hard, when in fact you could work a lot harder! 

5. Provide advice if you have a specific illness or injury

It’s always a tricky one when you want to exercise but due to a health condition or injury you aren’t sure what you should and shouldn’t be doing. This is when a personal trainer is invaluable. As well as creating a programme that takes into account your physical limitations, a personal trainer will ensure you don’t risk injuring or re-injuring yourself. 

Get a personal trainer if you have a specific injury or illness

Just make sure you choose a personal trainer who is qualified and knowledgeable about your particular health condition. I am a specialist lower back pain, obesity and diabetes personal trainer, which means I’m experienced at creating carefully designed exercise programmes which help my clients tackle those issues safely.   

Ready to get a personal trainer? 

Hiring a personal trainer might seem like a big step, but if you really want to invest in your health in 2023, it’s one of the best things you could do.

If you would like to find out more about my personal training services, please get in touch and we can set up a free telephone consultation to discuss what you are looking to achieve.