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Putting the personal into
personal training

Whether you looking to tone up, get fit or lose weight, a personal fitness trainer can help you reach your fitness goals. But for many people, hiring a personal fitness trainer is scary. Maybe you’re worried you’ll be made to do things you simply can’t do or that your personal trainer will spend the whole time yelling at you.

Firm but fair 

That’s where I’m different. For me, personal training isn’t just about training, it’s also about listening. And it’s not just about listening to what you want to achieve but also listening to what your concerns are.

If you prefer not to train in the gym to start with, that’s fine. I’m more than happy to come to your home, or even meet in the park. Whatever works best for you. 

And if you are at all worried about looking like an idiot in front of other people, because you can’t do a particular exercise, I get it! Having done a stress management course, I understand how that can make people feel so I won’t give you exercises you’re not comfortable with.  It’s also why I don’t yell at people. Yes, I’ll correct you if you’re doing an exercise wrong or maybe push you to do a few more reps, but I’m not a hard task master, just a fair one.

I firmly believe that effective personal training is as much about the mental as the physical, and I’m here to support you through both.  

Personal fitness experience you can trust

Hiring a personal fitness trainer is a big step, so you want to ensure they know what they are doing!

Over, the last four years, I have been constantly updating my knowledge and skills, so as well as offering standard personal training services, I am also a specialist lower back pain, obesity and diabetes personal trainer.

If you have any questions about my qualifications, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Level 4 Certificate in Obesity and Diabetes Management 2019
  • Level 4 Certificate in Lower Back Pain Management 2018
  • Level 3 Advanced Exercise in Padwork 2018
  • Level 3 Certificate in Teaching T3 (High Intensity Exercises) 2018
  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training 2018
  • Level 3 Award in Instructing Outdoor Fitness 2018
  • Level 3 Award in Group Indoor Cycling 2018
  • Level 3 Award in Circuit Instruction 2018
  • Level 3 Award in Sports Conditioning 2018
  • Level 3 Award in Business Skills for the Fitness Professional 2018
  • Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral 2018
  • Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training 2018 – including nutrition, health and safety
  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instruction (Gym) 2017
  • Level 5 Stress Management
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