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Personal Training

Everyone comes to a personal fitness trainer for different reasons. Maybe you’re training for a specific event such as a marathon, looking to tone up a few saggy areas, or just want to take control of your health and wellbeing.

Whatever you want to achieve, a personal fitness trainer will:

  • take away all the worry about what exercises you should be doing and how you should be doing them
  • help you stay motivated
  • encourage you to push yourself further


The only thing you have to do is turn up!

Types of training exercises

From boxing to flipping tyres, weights to stretching, I offer a whole host of different exercise options, which will always be tailored to you and your goals. So, if there is something you want to do, great, and if there are exercises you want to avoid, just let me know.

This list of training isn’t exhaustive, but gives you an idea of the different things I offer.

Personal training - cardio


Personal training - strength training

Strength training

Mat work

Mat work

Pad work

Pad work

Personal training - spin class

Spin classes

Circuit training

Circuit training





What to expect from my personal fitness training sessions

To get the most out of personal training, it’s important sessions are tailored to your fitness levels, fitness goals and what you would like to do.

Before we start training, we will have an initial consultation which will look at:

  • what you want to achieve
  • your overall health and fitness levels
  • any injuries
  • how often you want to train
  • what types of exercises you want to do or any you want to avoid at all costs!

I will then build a plan that works around you, your availability and fitness goals.

Most programmes last 6 weeks, but there will be check-points along the way to make sure you are happy with your progress.  

After 6 weeks, we will review the programme and, if you are happy,  make some changes.  This could be increasing the amount of cardio or introducing more strength training – everyone progresses at different rates so it will really depend on you and your body.

Just remember – it can take 6-8 weeks for your body to adapt so you might not notice any improvements immediately.

Group Fitness Sessions

If you would rather train with friends or other likeminded people, just let me know.

My group sessions are completely flexible. You can either all do the same thing (circuit training is a great fun team activity!) or you can choose to focus on things individually. So, some of you could do weights and some could focus on cardio. Either way exercising as a group is a great way of keeping you motivated.

I normally keep groups sizes to 6. This allows me to keep an eye on everyone and ensures exercises are done correctly. 

Specialist Training

As a specialist personal fitness trainer for lower back pain, obesity and diabetes I will help you manage your condition using exercise. 

Having done a stress management course, and trained lots of different people with different requirements, I know not everyone feels comfortable doing certain exercises. It’s why my personal training is always tailored to you and I’ll never give you any exercise you don’t want to do. I see my role not just about improving your fitness, but also about building your confidence.

I suggest you check with your doctor first that they are happy for you to exercise..